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Clear Coating

Transparent coating that keeps the originality of your surface and turns it into a dry-erase writing board


White Coating

Turn any wall, door, cupboard, table or metallic surface into a pure white dry-erase writing board.


Colored Coating

With our color matching technology, now you can turn your wall into a writable wall of any color of your choice.

Comparison Chart

Here is a comparison between market products and AllWrite products

FeatureWhite BoardGlassAll Write Magic Paint
Exceptional durability
Available in any color of choice
Available in any shape of choice
Available in any size of choice
Ease of installation
Scratch resistance
Leaves no marks behind
Ease of cleaning
Occupies no extra space
Product innovation
Can be applied on a variety of surfaces
Adds additional aesthetic value
Cleanable even after overuse

Office Applications

Make your office space more organized, productive, engaging and exciting.

Conference Room

Visualization can help in effectively communicating, brainstorming, and sharing work with others and implementing it.

Huddle groups

Create a 360-degree collaborative environment where people can come together and build on each other’s ideas.

Office Desk

Great results come from Great ideas. Let us facilitate you in generating out of the box ideas in a n effective way.

Educational Institutes

Enhance the overall learning and teaching experience at schools, colleges, and universities.

Writable Desks

Convert the boring classroom desks into interesting, writeable desks to inculcate instant, visual learning among the students.

Replace Whiteboards

With the entire wall available for writing in classrooms, remove all the constraints of a fixed, traditional whiteboard.

Students Zone

Ideas need to be put to words and visual forms so that people can see them. Give students freedom for hands-on learning while enjoying the experience.

Learning Environment

Make hallways and corridors writable to encourage group study and team work.

Learning Environment

Make hallways and corridors writable to encourage group study and team work.


Don’t stop yourself from writing on the walls anymore

Creativity Wall For Children

Let your child scribble and doodle on the walls without the fear of being caught.

Writable study table for children

Let your children make mistakes and learn more by getting an unlimited writing tool.

Study Wall For Students

Fuel your learning experience by practicing and brainstorming on your bedroom walls.

Home Schooling

Create a learning environment without the monotony of a typical classroom.

Art Work

Bring out the artist within you and customize your own walls.

House Notice board

Perfect spot to interact with your family members’ busy lives, leave notes, make grocery lists, etc.


Space to make your
greatest impact.

AllWrite dry erase products are the simple, economical solution to provide any location the whiteboard surfaces it needs. Now, like never before, anyone can brainstorm, collaborate, and be creative in any location!

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AllWrite ensures quality as well as customer service of excellent type

Fast Delivery

AllWrite guarantee the products to be delivered with in 5 to 7 working days.

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Our customer service ensures that all your requirements or queries are solved in no time.

Excellent Quality

AllWrite guarantee products with excellent quality and ensure customer’s satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

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All Write is Pakistan’s first whiteboard paint brand, offering its innovative product, The Magic Paint, which is a dry-erase paint coating that turns any surface into a writing board. This paint is developed under the guidance and supervision of some outstanding chemists, following industry standards.

All Write offers three different kind of white board paints namely “Clear Coating”, “White Coating” and “Colored Coating”

All Write offers 5 days return policy from the day of delivery. 

It depends on customer’s address. in general delivery takes 5 to 7 working days to reach to customers.